The Foremost Conference for CX, Sales & Knowledge Pros
The Fillmore - Philly, PA
May 19-21, 2020
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Tailored Learning

Hear real-life, relevant stories and insights from people who’ve faced similar challenges to yours. If you’re looking for abstract, high-level fluff, this isn’t for you.

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Community Cohorts

Making the right connections can make or break a conference. That’s why we help you find and connect with your tribe before, during, and after Empower.

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Insights Into Action

Turn your “aha” moments into a concrete action plan at Empower. Through facilitated workshops and sessions, you’ll walk away with a playbook to kickstart your projects.

What People Said About Empower

"We've had a really great experience! The Guru team thought of everything - they made it so engaging."

"Empower was incredible. I left with so many takeaways and got more than I could have imagined out of it."

"Thank you so much for having an incredible group of speakers! I was so inspired by their work."

"Empower truly allowed us to better understand the value of knowledge sharing and management."

"I took so many pictures and sent them to my network saying, "This is a conference done right."

"Empower was genuine, welcoming and covered cutting edge and thought-provoking ground."