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May 7-9, 2019 at World Cafe Live
in Philadelphia*
(*home of Guru and Gritty)
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It can be lonely at the top. We get it.
That’s why we’ve created Empower.

Empower 2019 is your chance to collaborate and learn alongside other Revenue Team execs. Leaders from Sales, Support, and Customer Success will descend on Philadelphia for two jam-packed* days that will leave you inspired, smarter, and empowered to lead your teams.

*in a good way, like a stromboli or a conference that’s really valuable to your career.

Wait, you got WHO to speak?!

only relevant, actionable drones (except the flying ones*) (*maybe).

Shane Battier
Shane Battier
Two-time NBA Champion

Over his distinguished 13-year NBA career and his heralded collegiate career at Duke University, Shane Battier has established himself as a scholar athlete, All-American, leader, champion and philanthropist. Dubbed the “No-Stats All-Star” in a New York Times Sunday Magazine cover story written by Michael Lewis, Battier is regarded as one of the most complete players in the NBA for his leadership, lockdown defense, and intellectual approach to the game.

He can’t jump very high. He’s not very fast. In fact, he fails the ‘eyeball’ test in nearly every basketball category. And yet, Shane Battier has proved to be invaluable to every team he has ever suited up for. In this impassioned and inspiring presentation, Battier will share the ways in which he believes sacrifice, ownership, embracing failure, championship professionalism, and a Hunger Games mentality contribute to the powerful and significant intersection of art and commerce.

A genuine team player, he knows that champions are often made when no one is looking and encourages audience members to always do what it takes for the team to succeed—whether their efforts receive recognition or not. Stats don’t always tell the story of value, and Battier is living proof.

Christina Crawford Kosmowski
Christina Crawford Kosmowski
VP, Global Head of Customer Success & Services

When Christina first came to Slack her current team was non-existent. She had to build the Customer Success team from scratch.

As Slack started to rapidly grow and represent the future of work, Christina created a user-focused “Champions Network” that can stand up to the rest of the organization providing customer’s empowerment, self-service, and contextual information around the Slack buzz.

Learn more about Christina here.

Lisa Blackshear
Lisa Blackshear
SVP, Communications & Digital Operations

Lisa Blackshear is the Senior Vice President for Communications and Digital Operations at Comcast. She oversees a team of several hundred individuals who communicate directly with Comcast's customers every day. Under her leadership, customer service response time on social channels has improved by 95%. 

Lisa began at Comcast in 2007 as a Director of Strategic Communications for Comcast Business. Prior to that, she spent twelve years at a global shipping and logistics company in communications and led employee and merger and acquisitions communications for North America, Asia and Europe.

Learn more about Lisa here.

Wendi Sturgis
Wendi Sturgis
Chief Customer Officer

Wendi has spent the last twenty years working in the tech, media and internet space. She is currently the Chief Client Officer at Yext.

Prior to her role at Yext, she held executive positions at Oracle, Gartner, Right Media and Yahoo!, where she was Vice President of Account Management for North America. Wendi serves on the and Student Transportation Inc. boards. She also serves as the Vice Chair of Step Up Women’s Network board.

Learn more about Wendi here.

Allison Pickens
Allison Pickens
Chief Operating Officer

Allison Pickens is a broadly recognized thought leader on Customer Success and on scaling teams during hypergrowth. She is a frequent speaker and blogger, is an Advisor to several companies, and was named one of the top 50 people in sales and business development.

She started her career in management consulting for Fortune 500 companies while at Boston Consulting Group and later worked in private equity investing at Bain Capital. At both companies she worked with organizations on driving change and scaling effectively.

Allison decided that she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work at Gainsight when Bain Capital Ventures led the Series B fundraising.

Learn more about Allison here.

Dan Goldsmith
Dan Goldsmith

Dan is the CEO of Instructure, an education technology and learning management company that makes smarter people.

Dan and his teams have helped some of the world’s largest organizations through global business transformations by leveraging new and emerging technologies in innovative ways.

Learn more about Dan here.

Marcie Murray
Marcie Murray
Director of Support

Marcie is the director of support at Shopify, the leading commerce platform used by over 600,000 merchants worldwide to manage their businesses online. At Shopify, Marcie manages a team of over 1,000 support representatives, 90% of whom work remotely. Support is seen as a revenue center at Shopify, not a cost center, and this is due in large part to Marcie's leadership and focus on helping customers to drive revenue through their online businesses.

Eraj Siddiqui
Eraj Siddiqui
Director, Customer Success Practice

Eraj is a seasoned customer success and services leader, who has developed, led, and mentored global teams at companies like Centrify and Digimarc before joining Autodesk in 2017.

Learn more about Eraj here.

John Ley
John Ley
Head of Sales Enablement

John was hired as Square's first full-time sales trainer and head of enablement. He manages sales onboarding and training programs across three markets for Square, and leads facilitation efforts, sales workshops, and instructional design programs for both new hires and experienced sales reps.

In his time at Square, John has increased new AE ramp performance from 76% -> 112% quota attainment and increased professional development CSAT scores 25% quarter-over-quarter.

Learn more about John here

Kyle Porter
Kyle Porter

Kyle is the co-founder and CEO of SalesLoft, the industry leading sales engagement platform.

He previously founded Sports Bar Digital, a gaming and digital advertising business, and later became the Vice President of Marketing for NanoLumens. Kyle is an involved member of the ATDC and has been an active volunteer at High Tech Ministries.

Learn more about Kyle here.

Kristen Swanson
Kristen Swanson
Head of Operations, Image Search

Previously the Customer Experience Chief of Staff and Director of Learning at Slack, Kristen is now the Head of Operations, Image Search at Google. She helps organizations pinpoint the innovations that matter.

Whether it's your customer journey, brand experience, or user education that requires a fresh approach, Kristen is there to chart the course. By building high performing teams with strong execution, she successfully implements the unexpected and achieves the near-impossible.

Learn more about Kristin here.

Ryan Bonnici, CMO at G2 Crowd
Ryan Bonnici

Ryan Bonicci is the chief marketing officer of G2 Crowd, a leading review website for business software and services. Prior to joining G2, Bonicci served in key executive-level marketing roles with HubSpot, Salesforce, Microsoft and ExactTarget. He's a senior contributor for Harvard Business Review, as well as the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Learn more about Ryan here.

Margaret Rosas
Margaret Rosas
VP of Customer Care

Since joining Looker over five years ago, Margaret has worn many hats: from release manager to chat analyst to community organizer. Today, Margaret heads up Looker’s Department of Customer Love (DCL), the global group of chat support analysts.

In addition to scaling Looker’s DCL, Margaret is a long time pillar of her local community. She connects her two passions - entrepreneurship and technology - by helping to promote burgeoning talent across the Santa Cruz community with organizations like TechRaising and Santa Cruz Works.

Learn more about Margaret here.

Jake Saper
Jake Saper

Jake is a partner at Emergence Capital. He got his start as a VC at Kleiner Perkins, after which he joined Emergence, where he became a Kauffman Fellow.

Jake’s passionate about using machine learning to help people do their jobs better and co-developed the firm’s Coaching Networks thesis. He serves on the boards of Textio, Guru, Drishti, Comfy, and DroneDeploy.

Learn more about Jake here.

Jason Collette
Jason Collette
Senior Director of Field Technical Services

Jason is a technology director with 20+ years in the education space. His mission is to help customers achieve their missions and to never stop learning. Jason's specialties include facilitation and coordination of technology implementations, instructional design, creative marketing, educational technology, customer relationships, product concept and development.

Learn more about Jason here.



Sarah Sheikh
Sarah Sheikh
Head of Customer Success
Sarah is the Head of Customer Success at Front. Her entire career has been devoted to the customer experience in SaaS B2B and she’s held crucial roles at some of the most innovative companies in the technology industry, including Cisco Systems, Yammer-Microsoft and BetterWorks.
Sarah specializes in building and scaling world-class Customer Success organizations. From defining the functional growth strategy, hiring top talent, optimizing the customer journey, stratifying accounts, to standardizing and packaging services. In addition to building CS teams, Sarah has also built up remote offices. She scaled and established a high performing culture for the BetterWorks New York office, growing the team from 2 to 25+. 
Learn more about Sarah here.
Doug Landis
Doug Landis
Growth Partner

Doug lives and breathes all things sales and go-to-market. As a Growth Partner, his charter is to create a platform to share go-to-market insights and strategies that will help our portfolio companies scale, grow and ultimately become the next billion dollar SaaS company.

Prior to joining Emergence, Doug spent 12+ years driving sales productivity & efficiency inside of the world’s top technology companies such as Box, Salesforce and Google. Before joining Emergence, Doug held the coveted title as Chief Storyteller and VP of Sales Productivity & Enablement at Box, a provider of content collaboration software with 1,700 employees and annual revenue run rate of $600 million.

Learn more about Doug here.

Kate Leggett
Kate Leggett
VP and Principal Analyst

Kate serves Application Development & Delivery Professionals. She is a leading expert on customer relationship management (CRM) and customer service strategies, maturity, benchmarking, governance, and ROI. She is an accomplished public speaker and frequently presents at industry events such as CRM Evolution. She has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes magazine, and industry publications such as CRM Magazine, KM World, and Destination CRM.

Learn more about Kate here.

Rehan Mirza
Rehan Mirza
Product Marketing Leader

Over the past decade, Rehan has built an impressive career in go-to-market strategy and product marketing. Prior to joining Zenfits, Rehan led product marketing at Checkr, and before that at Cornerstone OnDemand.

Learn more about Rehan here.

Chad Trabucco
Chad Trabucco
Head of Sales Enablement

Chad heads sales enablement at Glint, the leading employee engagement platform, which was acquired by LinkedIn in Oct. 2018. Prior to Glint, Chad held sales and marketing leadership roles at Oracle, HNTB, and Shimmick Construction.

Learn more about Chad here.

Camille E. Acey
Camille E. Acey
Head of Customer Success
Camille recently stepped into the newly-created role of Head of Customer Success at Nylas. Previous to this, she built and grew the Customer Experience and Marketing teams at Clubhouse and spearheaded customer development at Boundless (now a division of Planet Labs).
Learn more about Camille here.
Jeremey Donovan
SVP Sales Strategy

Jeremey is the Senior Vice President of Sales Strategy at SalesLoft, the industry leading sales engagement platform.

During his career, Jeremey has held a variety of general management roles in the semiconductor industry and the information services business. He's led successful teams focused on marketing, sales, product strategy, new product development, product management, market research, and acquisitions.

Outside of his day job, he loves to read and to write. I'm the author of five books including the international bestseller - "How to Deliver a TED Talk."

Learn more about Jeremey here.

Diane Stern Ruth
Diane Stern Ruth
VP of Customer Success & Partnerships

Diane is the vice president of customer success and partnerships at Guru. Diane leads Guru's customer success, customer care, and partnership teams. Diane brings more than twenty years of experience in business development, professional services, and strategic alliances, most recently at Dell Boomi, where she was the Executive Director of Business Development. Previously, Diane was the general manager for business development at SunGard Higher Education.

Learn more about Diane here.

Hillary Curran
Hillary Curran
Head Of Customer Experience

Hillary leads Guru's Customer Experience (CX) team which includes Customer Success, Customer Support, and Customer Education. She oversees the CX team's process improvement initiatives and data management, including KPIs for both Success, Support, Education, and Guru's Customer Landscape at large. In addition, Hillary leads cross-functional collaboration efforts with CX and other departments (design, development, sales, engineering, and product) to help foster a customer-centric culture internally at Guru.

Learn more about Hillary here.

Rick Nucci
Rick Nucci

Rick has been an entrepreneur in the Philadelphia area since 1999. He's currently the co-founder & CEO of Guru, which empowers teams with the knowledge they need to do their jobs.

Prior to Guru Rick was the Founder and CTO of Boomi, which defined and led a new segment as the industry’s first cloud integration platform-as-a-service. Boomi was acquired by Dell in 2010, where Rick went on to run the Boomi business for Dell, helping grow the organization into the industry leader it is today.

Learn more about Rick here.


What you can expect

surprises are nice, but itineraries are better.

Keynotes, workshops, and action plans… oh my. Prepare to be inspired. We’ve lined up the crème de la crème of speakers and designed workshops around topics like onboarding, product launches, building alignment and buy-in.

Need help justifying the trip to your boss? Here's a handy "convince your boss" template!

Guru Deep Learning

Interactive Learning

This isn't a conference where you sit on your laptop checking Slack while pretending to listen to a speaker drone on through 40 slides. You'll participate in engaging workshops led by some of the best and brightest in the industry.

Guru Community Cohorts

Community Cohorts

Before the conference even begins, we'll match you with a small group of folks with similar roles from other leading companies. You'll be a part of this cohort for the duration of the conference, working together to solve problems, and build action plans.

Learn more >

Guru Action Plans

Action Plans

Ideas are great. But they're even better when you turn them into action. We'll help you get there through facilitated workshops and planning sessions so that you walk away with a playbook to face your challenges head on.

Learn more >

Here are all the deets

that means details, for all you non-hip peeps. (that means people).

Tuesday, May 7
  • 3pm - 6pm - Guru Customer Summit (RSVP here)
  • 6pm - 7:30pm - Welcome Reception and early registration
Wednesday, May 8
  • 8am - 9am - Registration & breakfast
  • 9am - 12:15pm - Keynote sessions*
  • 12:15pm - 1:15pm - Lunch
  • 1:15pm - 4:30pm - Breakout sessions*: one track for CX and one for Sales leaders — with actionable keynotes, case studies, and workshops
  • 4:30pm - 5:30pm - Closing keynote: Shane Battier
  • 7pm - 10pm - Empower Bash: get to know fellow revenue team leaders over drinks, bites, live entertainment, and a few special surprises!

*See tentative sessions below

Tentative Sessions
Look out for additional sessions and speaker announcements coming soon!
  • Products Don’t Win; People Do
    • In a world of feature parity and low switching costs, it’s your front-line reps that define a brand. Learn how leading companies empower their people to create unforgettable customer experiences that drive revenue and crush the competition. 
  • Build and Scale a Revenue-Centric Culture
    • Revenue is the lifeblood of every company, and it’s no longer just on the Sales team - everyone who works with customers is part of the Revenue Team. Learn how to build and scale a revenue-centric culture at your organization.
  • Empower Your Revenue Teams with an Entrepreneurial Mindset
    • Frontline sales and support reps define your brand. Learn tactics for building an entrepreneurial mindset in every revenue team employee, liberating them to make decisions that are in the best interest of your customers - and your company.
  • Design a Customer-Centric Organization in the Subscription Economy
    • Recurring revenue business models have forced companies to rethink how they manage their customer relationships, as well as the way in which they empower the people building those relationships.
  • Bottom-Up or Bust: How Buy-in and Alignment from the Frontline Unlocks Passion, Purpose & Revenue
    • When people can draw a clear line between their own purpose, their work, and the company’s mission, they are empowered to be the best versions of themselves. Join this session to learn how you can achieve this at scale as your teams grow.
  • Daily Adoption Guarantees Positive ROI: How do you Make it Happen?
    • Every team relies on multiple tools to get work done, collaborate effectively, and deliver delightful customer experiences. But how do you ensure tools are properly used across your team? Learn how one enterprise leader has created a virtuous adoption cycle across critical tools centered around regular usage and value-driven adoption.
  • Scaling Around Silos: Alignment Around Unified Knowledge
    • Information silos are a natural byproduct of explosive growth and acquisitions. See how one enterprise went against the grain and aligned themselves by democratizing their internal know-how.
Thursday, May 9
  • 8am - 9am - Breakfast
  • 9am - 12:15pm - Keynote sessions*
  • 12:15pm - 1:15pm - Lunch
  • 1:15pm - 3:30pm Keynote sessions & closing remarks*
  • 3:30pm - 4:30pm - Action planning workshop
*See tentative sessions below
Tentative Sessions
Look out for additional sessions and speaker announcements coming soon!
  • Support is a Revenue Driver, Not a Cost Center
    • Does your organization still see your contact center as a cost center? Learn how empowered people, empathetic processes, and best-in-class technology can transform your contact center into a world-class customer experience center and drive revenue.
  • Win the Battle Against Automation: Can AI Empower Us?
    • As AI quickly evolves, we can either treat it as a crutch that relieves us from thinking —  or as an asset that helps us use our brains more effectively and creatively. Instead of being overtaken by the automation curve, learn how Coaching Networks can give humanity a fighting chance.
  • Win Together: A Paranoid Product Marketer’s Guide to Growth
    • Who doesn’t enjoy winning? Whether it’s a big sale, budget approval for a new initiative, a promotion, or leading necessary change at your organization, learn how to win together as One Revenue Team by applying some tried-and-tested product marketing principles.
  • Liquified Learning: What Gangnam Style Taught Me About Modern Learning Experiences
    • Digital networks empower us to share and accelerate information faster than ever. Hear how to design employee learning experiences that are participatory, personal, and powerful. 

You'll be in good company

who-all's gonna be there? the cream of the crop from high-growth brands.

Join fellow Sales, Support, and Customer Success executives from leading companies in SaaS, service, consumer goods, retail, and e-commerce. Come with your Revenue Team counterparts and get the most value.